In 2006, Dr. Richard Gesker started his private practice career at Simply Beautiful Smiles under the mentorship of Dr. D’Angelo. In 2021, he returned to Simply Beautiful Smiles and is eager to pass his wealth of knowledge and experience on to other dentists still early in their careers.

Caring for Overall Health 

I believe in the importance of being comfortable and confident in our own smiles. Dental health is tied to our overall physical health, but also to our emotional well-being. 

Our oral health supports our socialization and connections with others. Some of my most memorable patients came to me because they could no longer enjoy a meal with friends and family due to pain and embarrassment. By improving their oral health, they are able to enjoy life pain-free and with confidence. 

Patient Care is a Team Effort 

It’s a collective effort to have a such a positive impact on the lives of our patients. Dental care requires a team approach – and sometimes multiple specialists – to get patients back into good oral and physical health, and the patient experience, from the first call to the dentist chair, relies on the full team to make them feel comfortable and cared for. By supporting and caring for each member of the Simply Beautiful Smiles team, we can enhance the quality of the patient experience and improve patient health.” 

Support to Grow 

As a young doctor, I benefited from the direct mentorship of Dr. D’Angelo, and that early experience laid the foundation for me to build my career and become the doctor and professional that I am today.

Simply Beautiful Smiles has opportunities for every dental professional, no matter where they are in their career. I know first-hand how this organization supports its providers to get them where they want to be, and I am excited to offer my skills and expertise to younger doctors and other staff members, as Dr. D’Angelo offered his to me.