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      TMJ Treatment

      Simply Beautiful Smiles Can Treat Your TMJ Pain

      Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) can be a debilitating condition that causes pain in your jaw and joints. Without treatment, TMJ can begin to affect your quality of life, making even a simple task like chewing, swallowing, or speaking a painful chore. The dental professionals of Simply Beautiful Smiles can take that pain away. We utilize advanced TMJ therapies and techniques.  Our modern dental practices stay up-to-date on the latest TMJ information and technology. Contact a location near you today to learn more about our customized TMJ treatment options and live your life pain-free.


      What Are the Symptoms of TMJ Disorder?


      TMJ can cause various, unpleasant symptoms in patients. If left untreated, they can be a source of constant pain, irritation, and even periodontal disease. Our team of experienced dentists monitors your symptoms and offers innovative solutions for pain-free function and comfort. You may have a TMJ disorder if you are experiencing:

      • Constant Jaw Pain and Tenderness
      • Popping Of The Ears
      • Headaches
      • Teeth Grinding
      • Difficulty Chewing
      • Headaches
      • Dizziness
      TMJ Treatment

      TMJ Disorder Treatment Options


      Simply Beautiful Smiles offers several treatment options for TMJ. We diagnose your condition in consultation with you and carefully adjust our methods and equipment based on your disorder’s severity. Our team can treat TMJ with surgical and non-surgical options designed to relieve pain and restore proper mouth function. Below are some of our TMJ treatment options:

      Modern oral appliances, such as mouth guards, night guards, and bite splints, are often used as a preliminary treatment of TMJ. Taken from impressions of your teeth and jaw, these appliances reduce stress on the joint, reposition teeth to create a proper bite, decrease the effects of grinding and clenching, and relieve overall pain.

      This thorough examination of your bite shows your teeth’s natural position, how they fit together, and their overall functionality. Occlusal Equilibrium allows us to adjust your bite to diminish pressure and reduce stress on the temporomandibular joint. In many cases, teeth polishing improves the relationship between the teeth and the muscles surrounding the mouth. In other cases, we utilize porcelain veneers or Invisalign® to correct any misalignments.

      Each of our bite and jaw therapies is designed to relax your jaw, joint, and facial muscles to ease overall pain and soreness. Our practice employs modern techniques such as ultrasound, radio wave energy, lasers, and physical therapies to stimulate and abate tension on the joint and overcome muscle clenching.     

      Our practice uses anti-inflammatory drugs to decrease pain and facilitate jaw movement. We prescribe muscle relaxers that can reduce joint pressure for ideal function. If prescription drug use is not an option, our dentists can prescribe other non-steroid, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to alleviate symptoms commonly associated with TMJ disorders.

      As part of our regular cadre of surgical options, we employ restorative/reconstructive surgeries to repair biting irregularities that cause TMJ. These applications include dental crowns, bridges, and orthodontic appliances.

      Depending on your condition, oral surgery may be necessary to address your TMJ disorder’s root cause. Our dental professionals will discuss all of your options with you during your consultation.

      What Happens If I Do Not Treat My TMJ?

      Patients who do not treat their TMJ symptoms will continue to experience ever-increasing levels of pain and discomfort. TMJ disorders may cease by themselves if stressors are removed. However, if the jaw is out of alignment, your TMJ will need treatment. Every case is unique. Consult Simply Beautiful Smiles for more information.

      Contact Simply Beautiful Smiles for TMJ Pain Relief

      Our dental practice is proud to help our patients overcome painful TMJ disorders. We will monitor your progress, adjust as needed, and prescribe the right therapies depending on your disorder’s severity. With our staff’s assistance, you can improve the health and functionality of your teeth and keep your jaw pain free. Schedule your appointment today.

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