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      Pinhole Gum Grafting

      We Can Restore Your Healthy Gums and Teeth

      If you notice your teeth appear longer than they once were, or you’ve developed darkened indentations of your teeth along the gum line, you may be suffering from gum recession. Receding gums are unsightly and may be signs of more severe conditions such as gum disease. Simply Beautiful Smiles has the answer: pinhole gum grafting. Our team of experienced dentists offer this modern alternative to traditional gum grafting and will work with you to restore your smile’s bright and healthy shine.

      Pinhole Gum Grafting

      To understand the benefits of pinhole gum grafting, you must first understand gum recession. This condition causes the tissue along the gum line to recede, exposing the root of the tooth. Gum recession can occur due to periodontal diseases, such as gingivitis and periodontitis. But it can also be part of the natural aging process. Many cases of receding gums are attributed to other external factors as well, including:

      • Aggressive tooth brushing
      • Inadequate or not enough preventive care
      • Teeth grinding or clenching
      • Crooked teeth or a misaligned bite
      • Body piercing in the lip or tongue
      • Genetic predisposition
      • Hormonal changes
      • Medications

      Ignoring signs of gum disease can lead to various oral health issues. When the root of a tooth is exposed, decay can set in above and below the gum line. This decay can lead to more extensive periodontal issues, even tooth loss. Therefore, it is essential to seek early treatment from a dental professional at Simply Beautiful Smiles.

      The Pinhole Gum Grafting Procedure

      Our dental teams utilize a specialized pin-like instrument to create a small hole in the affected gum tissue. They then carefully loosen that gum tissue and place it over the exposed or receded area. Collagen strips are then added through the pin-sized hole to maintain the position of the gums. The graft causes immediate cosmetic and functional improvements. This breakthrough gum recession treatment is minimally invasive and requires virtually no recovery time.

      Brushing teeth can be fun

      Traditional vs. Pinhole Gum Grafting

      Before pinhole gum grafting, traditional grafting was much more involved in terms of procedure and recovery. Traditional gum grafting utilized donor tissue and tissue grafts, along with cutting and stitching methods. The procedure also took more than two weeks to heal. Today, pinhole gum grafting gives you an improved experience. This modern technique offers benefits the traditional method cannot match, such as:

      • The Surgery: Pinhole gum grafting requires no cutting or stitching during the procedure. There is no swelling or bleeding and minimal post-operative pain.
      • Shorter Surgery Time: Traditional gum grafting can take up to 90 minutes to complete. Pinhole gum grafting achieves better results in only 45 minutes.  
      • Number of Teeth Treated: Traditional gum grafting treats only a few teeth at a time. Simply Beautiful Smiles can work on many teeth at once with pinhole grafting, even address your full mouth, in one sitting. Our dental specialists move the existing gum tissue into position with no additions. This process gives us the ability to work with a much larger area, without the cutting and removing of gum tissue traditional grafting requires.
      • Recovery Time: Traditional gum grafting took up to 14 days to heal and limited mouth functions such as chewing and speaking.  The hole made by pinhole gum grafting typically heals within 24 hours and causes little interference.

      Am I a Candidate for Pinhole Gum Grafting?

      Choosing pinhole gum grafting to treat recession is a personal choice based on your unique medical and dental history. You may be an ideal candidate for pinhole gum grafting if:

      • You have been treated for gum disease in the past
      • You have experienced gum recession due to teeth grinding or genetics
      • You do not have extensive bone loss in your jaw
      • You are in good overall health
      • You are ready to restore the appearance and health of your smile

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      Our team understands how important your smile is. Our education, training, and modern tools allow us to devise impactful treatments that give you an attractive, healthy tooth-to-gum ratio. Trust us to care for you with fast, effective, pain-free gum grafting that will restore your brilliant smile. Schedule your appointment today.