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      Oral Cancer Screening

      Be Sure about Cancer with Simply Beautiful Smiles

      Early detection is the key to better prevention of oral cancer. Therefore, the need for oral cancer screening has become increasingly important, especially for younger patients. At Simply Beautiful Smiles, we strive to detect symptoms and signs of oral cancer early to keep our patients healthy and safe. In all of our practice locations, we use state-of-the-art screening devices and technology and employ the most advanced treatment options for patients in need. Through our efforts, we provide early cancer detection that can save lives. Contact us today to learn more about our oral cancer screening options.

      Understanding Oral Cancer

      Oral cancers form when changes in the DNA of mouth cells create mutations and continue to grow. These mutations can start in the flat, thin cells that line the lips and inside of the mouth. They then spread to other parts of the head and neck. It was once thought that smokers and heavy drinkers were most at risk for oral cancer. While that remains true, in recent years, the human papillomavirus (HPV) has become one of the leading causes of oral cancer. Today, oral cancer occurs mostly in people 40 years of age or older and affects twice the number of men as women.

      Oral Cancer Screening

      What Are the Symptoms of Oral Cancer?

      There are various warning signs for oral cancer. Fortunately, patients can check for them daily without the help of a trained dental specialist. However, if you begin to notice any of the symptoms below, you should contact the doctors at Simply Beautiful Smiles to schedule your oral cancer screening.

      Someone infected with oral cancer may see persistent sores on their face, neck, or mouth. These sores bleed easily and should be treated after two weeks if any bleeding continues.

      White or red growths or lumps inside your mouth can cause swelling, thickness, and rough spots on lips, gums, or other areas inside the mouth. Velvety to the touch, the patches will continue to expand to tumor-like growths if not treated immediately.

      If you are experiencing loose teeth or unexplained bleeding inside your mouth, you may have early-onset oral cancer. Also, consider how your dentures fit your teeth. If there are changes, consult your dentists right away for screening and treatment.

      Ear pain and difficulty swallowing are among the less common symptoms of oral cancer. Chronic hoarse voice, soreness, change of voice, and inner earaches are excellent reasons to schedule your oral cancer screening.

      Unexplained numbness or tenderness in the face, mouth, or neck should be inspected immediately. Each is an early symptom of oral cancer.

      When you contract oral cancer, chewing and swallowing can become a painful chore. This discomfort can lead to loss of appetite and cessation of eating. If you are experiencing dramatic weight loss, talk to a dental or medical professional about a personalized screening.   

      Oral Cancer Screenings & Treatment Options

      Simply Beautiful Smiles offers oral cancer screenings as part of our standard patient care. Fully recognized by the American Dental Association, our screenings can detect symptoms early and help you get a professional diagnosis and treatments to keep you healthy and safe. Scheduling an oral cancer screening annually is the ideal form of prevention, regardless of your health or medical history. From these screenings, you will have the information you need to collaborate with additional medical staff and get the adequate therapies to shrink any cancer we find. The most common oral cancer treatment options include targeted drug therapy, surgery, chemotherapy, or a combination of the three.

      Oral Cancer Screening Devices


      Surprisingly, there are few universal guidelines concerning oral cancer screening programs. However, there are conventional tools each dental office can use to conduct their testing. Simply Beautiful Smiles utilizes the latest technology as part of our protocols to detect abnormalities and determine whether further testing and treatment are warranted. These tools include:

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      Some lesions may not be visible to the naked eye. Our practice uses light-based devices to reflect any growths in the oral cavity and normal vascular tissues. The light magnifies the appearance and patterns of any malignancies and gives our dental professionals a more accurate diagnosis from which to make recommendations.    

      This system uses a specially designed brush to painlessly take samples of any suspicious lesions in your mouth. We test the superficial, intermediate, and basal layers of the lesion and then send them to a lab for further investigation. No anesthesia is necessary, and the procedure is comfortable with minimal to no bleeding.

      Salivary diagnostic tests detect oral squamous cell carcinoma (cancer cells) using saliva samples. The test is painless and exceedingly adept at reflecting cancer activity.


      Schedule Your Oral Cancer Screening

      Our doctors and dental specialists understand discovering you have cancer can be a daunting prospect. But having that surety and information you need to make the right decisions for your health can save your life. Schedule your oral cancer screening, or request an appointment online, at Simply Beautiful Smiles today, and let us be your guide.

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